That’s The Issue Rebirth Episode 2

Welcome to That's The Issue, the comic book podca…

2 years ago

Welcome to That's The Issue, the comic book podcast that gets to know you through the issues that you love!On this week's show, Wes is back! After both Wes and Matt being various levels of ill, they return to catch each other up on all the comics, TV shows and books that they've been enjoying lately, as well as the stuff they've not been enjoying (looking at you Inhumans and Doomsday Clock!) Then, in the second half of the show, Matt and Paul Lai continue their chat from last week's Comics Syllabus podcast! In part 2 of their chat, Matt and Paul discuss the state of the comics industry moving into 2018, as well as their own personal aspirations for their comics reading and writing for the coming year.

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